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I have a regret… (Someone new to fuck?..)

I did end up having sex with that girl. Yea got sex….but it would have to be the worse experience I’ve had.
I’m not a shallow person, I’ve been with someone of all sizes and colors and I have never had a problem.
I’m not a hygiene freak either. But I think there comes a time when you “need” to not only clean properly but…. ok I’ll just say it. There was an body odure issue.
This woman wasn’t skinny in nature like a model. I’m not too sure of girls dress sizes… but possibly a size 14?
And i had this girl riding me in the backseat of my car by the water. And this smell, I will not describe it. But I was so turned off, even wanting to gag.
I closed my eyes and did my best to block everything out and to think if pornos I have watched to get myself to cum.
I don’t last long, but I lasted a whole 10 to 13 minutes and… I just wanted it to finish from the start.
I wasn’t going to be rude and say no I have had enough. I let it finish.
I do not understand how even they could not have known and still kept going…

Someone new to fuck?

I met up with this girl which added me on Facebook randomly.
She didn’t look like her photos… she looked alot skinny in the photos…but I don’t judge, doesn’t bother me.
Went for a drive to Cronulla beach late at night and we were talking about anything pretty much.
Seemed alright and was fun to talk. Had a great laugh.
I dropped her home and no I didn’t go in, but she told me to text her when I get home.
Which I did.
We texted for a bit, and as it always does, the conversation got real nasty and dirty, talking about positions, sucking, biting, licking, tying up, spanking, gagging and choking.
Got me going ;)
She told me she hadn’t had sex in a while and since she has moved from the west she far away from all her friends and she is really in need of some cock.
Of course, made a remark she can have anyone she wanted. But she…hahha got straight to the point and I will quote this from my texts…
“I want your dick reallly deep !! i wan you 2 come on my face!”
Hahah I cannot say no to this request.
When will I go see her? I will very soon. ;)
No rush. Just have to go to work. Haha


Haha I got no idea when others like to masturbate.
But I always feel the urge to have to treat myself after I’ve done my workout, like just before I shower. I’m all sweaty and breathing heavy. I’m in the bathroom with my phone out, pulling myself and it feels incredible.
It’s like it releases all the tension and extra stress in my body. It calms me down and I think that’s why I do it.


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